Once, this place was a symbol of masterful thought of polish engineering. The Prudential building was the highest building of pre-war Poland. Built according to the latest trends. He towered over Warsaw. It was the meeting place of the Warsaw elite. Today, occupying the two lowest levels of Prudential, the Warsaw Restaurant refers to its architecture, style and atmosphere to those pre-war times. A large glass kitchen, as well as an open space limited only by historic foundations, are some of the many characteristics that will make you feel special here.

Chef de Cusine – Dariusz Barański

Attended the famous Le Cordon Bleu, which is known for its supreme training. He was an apprentice in various famous restaurants around the world and at least once a year he travels for additional training and inspiration. Dariusz is responsible for the success of Concept 13 Restaurant located in the only luxury shopping mall in Poland – Vitkac. He always concentrated on simplicity and quality. His cooking style is characterised by a careful selection of ingredients. He selects and orders all ingredients by himself and personally pays attention to the freshness of product.



Plac Powstańców Warszawy 9, Warszawa
+48 22 470 03 42
+48 532 745 367

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