Hotel Stary

Kraków, Szczepańska 5

Adequate decorations, professional staff and mood music will let you enjoy incredible moments on this beautiful day.

The Rybki Nove restaurant will prepare a special wedding menu. In a traditional way, a glass of champagne will welcome the newlyweds. The head chef will offer fabulous dishes together with a special selection of wine chosen by the sommelier. The nightlong reception will be accompanied by a buffet full of hot and cold dishes, unconventional snacks and wonderful desserts.

A cake, which is both taste and look tempting, will be the crowning of the evening.
Moreover, the young couple is welcome to spend their wedding night in the hotels’ best suite. Special room prices are offered to guest of the wedding reception.


Wedding Offer.PDF

PRICE: from 490 PLN

Price includes:


Selection of dishes from our proposals


with cold, hot and sweet appetizers

Print Menu

Guests names cards, table plan

Soft Drinks

coffee, tea, water, juices, sparkling drinks – no limit

Wedding Traditional Bread

Apartment for Bride and Groom

Additional Offer

selection of wines

from a list of more than 200 types

List of wines

Rooms for wedding guests

from 15% to 20% off for rooms depending on the term

Additional Decorations


Veal in tuna sauce with capers
Pâté of duck and pork with brandy and pistachios
Roast beef with mustard served on pumpernickel with marinated pearl onions
Duck breasts roast in citrus fruit
Delicately marinated salmon with ginger jam
Tuna in teriyaki with green algae wakame
Fried trout with aubergine and fresh dill
Selection of grilled vegetables with parmesan flakes

Selection of Polish and Italian cheeses with additives:
jam with onions, mustard with pears

Selection of Polish sausage with additives:
pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, horseradish, tartar sauce

Teriyaki chicken salad with black pepper sauce
Salad with couscous, tomatoes and fresh basil
Mini mozzarella with black olives and fresh basil

Main courses – selection of two dishes:
Cod roasted with potatoes confit and capers
Baltic turbot with fennel, emulsion of vermouth and crispy quinoa
Gilt-head bream with potato purée, green peas and horseradish sauce
Lamb chump with spinach mousse, smoked potato and baked apple
Beef cheeks in red wine with baked potatoes
Loin of roe deer served with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled polenta

Mini cupcakes with cream and seasonal fruit
Pear strudel with sweetmeats
Coconut-passion fruit dessert with meringue spices served in glass jars
Tiramisu with amaretto and coffee biscuits
Vanilla crème brûlée
Fresh seasonal fruit

Home-made bread


Vodka Wyborowa 110pln/bottle 0,7l

Vodka Smirnoff Black 140pln/bottle 0,7l

Vodka Belvedere 190pln/bottle 0,7l

Gin Bombay Saphire 190pln/bottle 0,7l

Rum Havana Club 170pln/bottle 0,7l

Whisky Ballantines Finest 160pln/bottle 0,7l

Whisky Johnnie Walker Black 12 200pln/bottle 0,7

Whisky Chivas Regal 12 220pln/bottle 0,7l

Bourbon Jack Daniels 200pln/bottle 0,7l

Tequila Blanco Olmeca 220pln/bottle 0,7l

Cognac Hennessy V.S. 240pln/bottle 0,7l

Beer Tyskie 10pln/bottle 0,33l
Cork fee 80 pln/ for a bottle

Wedding Cakes

Tort z marakui
Biszkopt, beza kokosowo-migdałowa, mus z marakuji na śmietanie i żelatynie
Cena: 149pln/kg

Tort „Stary”
Biszkopt bezowy migdałowy, chrupiąca masa z orzecha laskowego, pianka bawarese miętowa, masa czekoladowa
Cena: 139pln/kg

Tort trzy musy czekoladowe
Biszkopt ciemny czekoladowy, musy z czekolady gorzkiej, mlecznej i białej
Cena: 129pln/kg

Tort Schwarzwald
Biszkopt ciemny czekoladowy pączkowany syropem wiśniowym z alkoholem, masa z białej czekolady i śmietany z wiśniami
Cena: 129pln/kg

Tort Markeza
Biszkopt ciemny czekoladowy, orzechy w karmelu, pianka bawarese waniliowa
Cena: 129pln/kg

Tort Sacher
Biszkopt ciemny czekoladowy przekładany konfiturą morelową, polewa czekoladowa
Cena: 129pln/kg

Tort jogurtowy
Biszkopt jasny, mus z jogurtu i śmietany
Cena: 120pln/kg

Dodatkowa dekoracja
Cena: 20pln/kg

Specjalny kształt tortu (piłka, samochód etc.)
Cena: 30pln/kg


Szczepańska 5, Kraków
+48 12 384 08 08

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