The Amarone restaurant is based on the classic Italian style. Most of the products are sourced directly from Italy, which guarantees the authenticity of our dishes.

The pasta we serve is always hand-prepared, so that you can savour its freshness.

The interior of the restaurant comprises of carefully designed vaulted ceilings, marble floors and pillars and a façade that resembles the most beautiful corners of the Italian alleyways.

The domain of Amarone restaurant is to present Italian cuisine through its most valued categories. Traditional carpaccio, excellent lamb, or the famous home-made pappardelle are proof that simple food continous to delight. Italian dishes must be accompanied by excellent wines, which are gathered in the specially restored Vinoteka. Its collection of wines is anually awarded with a prestigious distinction by the Wine Spectator magazine.

Chef de Cuisine – Miłosz Grabowski

The cuisine of Miłosz Grabowski is a surprising mixture of flavors based on classical tastes. Miłosz learned the proper techniques from the best chefs in London. He worked with Chefs: Gordon Ramsay and Clare Smyth. Arnauld Bignon – two – Michelin starred Chef taught him the ropes of classical French cuisine and he personally appreciated Miłosz’s talent and commitment.

Miłosz is familiar with  hard work with the Masters. He is passionate about gaining knowledge. He always tries to go beyond conventions, though he cherishes humility.

All the 10 years spent in the most prestigious places of London’s gastronomy have given him confidence in the creation of his original ideas which he is going to use in his native cuisine today. His enthusiasm and fervor make his work style unique and noteworthy.



Lunch at Restaurant Amarone. Every day new – 5-course menu at 50 PLN, inspired by the lightness of Italian cuisine. From monday to friday, from 12.00 – 16.00 we’re serving dishes that change the face of the lunch.


Floriańska 14, Kraków
+48 12 424 33 81

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